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Muscle Man 2007 from Bevlar Music


Fritzing is an open-source initiative to support designers and artists to take the step from physical prototyping to actual product.

Malty Media EP

Malty Media ship some dubby, laid-back and groovy mp3s in our inbox. Like The Orb you never know what loop, which sound and what funny idea are behind the next corner while listening to the four tracks.

Aleksi Eeben LP

Far away, John and his robot were sailing on the backs of star-beams. Fifty light-years or so in their cylindrical spaceship. Robot said he liked the way the star's light bounced off the red planet, a giant one, on the port side. Like shimmery little fairy dances circling around their travels through the void. John smiled and lifted his glass of space-juice in an ancient gesture of comradeship. Aye, that's life at it's best, he reckoned.
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THIS IS A REPOST FROM THE SOUP-TOUR. But a lovely story. Like that directory thing... clicky, clicky

Soup on the WebTV in our room. The batteries in the keyboard were dead, so all we had was a simple remote that allowed you to follow links and a Google start page. It took some time and a lot of imagination to get to (More > Directory > World > German > People > Weblogs > Personal blogs > E > > Barcamp Vienna > Participants > Soup...)
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Fun Gameplay on Cactus
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Brilliant Cover Design on
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